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Sigil Scent Amor Fati

Sigil Scent Amor Fati

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Sigil Scent are unisex fragrances, made in Los Angeles. 1 fl oz (30 ml)

A philosophy beloved by ancient cultures across the globe, amor fati represents the belief that all experiences from birth until death—all the moments of bliss, suffering, and striving—are essential to the cyclical beauty of our existence. Symbolizing both the ashes of death and the new growth of birth, Amor Fati combines smoky essences of oud and opoponax with the fresh and lively scents of bergamot and green pine needles. Resinous galbanum and palo santo ground the scent with hints of sacred incense—a reminder that the spirit remains, even as the cycle of life begins and ends.

Key notes: Oud, galbanum, palo santo, opoponax

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