MH Muse - Sarah Kennedy

She’s the whole package. Smart, beautiful, funny, creative and genuine. Here are some words we exchanged during this crazy cool thing we got to do, which was take these photos of her in my clothes. It’s not surprising I left our interaction feeling inspired and a little smarter/cooler. For this, Sarah is an MH Muse.

Our Conversation

MH: So while we were shooting, we were talking about Atlanta style and I liked what you were saying.  

 Sarah: I think that when people say there’s no fashion scene in Atlanta that’s really not true. On Instagram it's easy to feel like everyone is pulling inspiration from the same places and shopping at the same stores, but when I'm walking around Atlanta I realize there is so much diversity of style here, so many different voices and expressions. I feel like the fashion I see here in Atlanta doesn’t get a lot of credit in comparison to major "fashion cities." Megan, what you’re doing with your line is relevant and exciting. So thanks for that! I think I’m gonna live in Atlanta forever because I’m obsessed with it here but I should probably leave for a year or two. 

 MH: Haha. That’s what I did! I was dying to see what New York was like, then I really got into living in Europe and I wasn’t sure I was coming back. But I’m so glad it all worked out. I love it here. I’ve always been so proud to be from Atlanta. It’s such a cool, underrated city. There are so many amazing, creative people who are free to do their own thing. It’s always been kind of hard for me to describe why it feels so good to live here, but it’s something about the space – like both a mental and physical space – that we have. I think that breeds authenticity.  So now that we’ve agreed that we are really just writing a love letter to Atlanta, can I also ask you a little more about yourself? You’re pretty creative. Can you describe what you’re into these days?

Sarah: I got my BFA in Printmaking a few years ago at UGA. Since then I've just been running around town doing some graphic design for bands and restaurants and friends. I'm trying hard to keep my design muscles in shape so I work on a painting or drawing or poem every day. I've learned that my inspiration comes from anywhere! I always look to fashion for inspiration in my design work but I also love to look at traditional mediums like hand painted signs, I really see some great ones when I take the train. My work is also really inspired by silliness so I love referencing The Muppets and Looney Tunes.  I always feel like my work needs to be a mix of goofy, fun bright colors while also taking design seriously as a vehicle for change and communication.

MH: What are your creative rituals/habits? Do you have a daily routine and does getting dressed play into that? Also, you are a really confident person. I really admire that! 

Sarah: Having a daily creative routine is super challenging when I'm juggling a few jobs and a freelance practice. I usually utilize getting dressed as a form of creatively on days when I don't have time to paint or write. When I do find I have a morning free to work on my personal art, I think it takes about one straight hour of just doodling or freeform writing before anything starts to happen. I like to drink coffee and talk walks to get the creatives juices flowing or to help me sort through a design challenge.  I wish I had more time to make work but it honestly helps me keep my priorities in order. I have to make time for my work because creating is valuable and ultimately makes me a happier, more fulfilled person. I'm still learning and trying and failing and growing, how great is that!

MH: Anything to add in conclusion to what we’ve covered? 

Sarah: I have found the art, music, fashion, food scenes in Atlanta to be so welcoming to me over the past few years. I hope I get to continue making work and making friends here. My goal is to support other artists and makers around town. I don't know what that looks like yet but I'm excited to find out :) Thanks for having me, Megan!