MH Muses - MH Shop Girls

"Hey, friend."

That’s how it might feel when you walk into the shop. We try on clothes
and talk about issues and sometimes drink champagne. We can gab about anything under the sun, including what dress is best for you. And if we didn’t find one for you today, that’s OK, too.

Meet Emma

The quintessential California girl. Blonde locks, forever traversing, and
always relaxed. She’s wearing the Claire Dress.

Meet Heana

Heana is a native Atlantan turned Brooklynite. She has an effortlessly
chic style makes her the epitome of the cool girl. She’s wearing the Lydia Dress.

Meet Molly

Molly is our red-head stylist. She’s on trend and always ready to dress you up. She’s wearing a vintage MH piece (as she would).

Meet Mary Elizabeth

If you know Mary Elizabeth, you’ve probably known at least a few of her
hairstyles. Our in-house gourmand, she always has the coolest recommendations for us. She’s wearing the Carson Romper.